An initiative—years in the making.

We could not have predicted our growth. Our numbers have quickly outpaced our ability to disciple the next generation, and our culture of gospel-centered teaching and disciple-making has led to a population that exceeds our current space both presently and for the foreseeable future.

Our priority over the past ten years has always been focused on human resources and maximizing our facilities, but after stewarding our facilities through numerous alternative service times and continually re-imagining our spaces, our building remains out of balance. The truth is that we have a larger capacity for adults than we do for children and students.

Over the past five years we have seen unprecedented growth in our number of children, and we project a continued increase in the foreseeable future.

The Breakdown

To address our needs, we intend to increase our space (relationally and physically) for our children as they move through middle school, high school, and become college students and young adults. To do this requires two financial shifts:

The Operational Goal

The first financial shift focuses on both adding more leaders to our staff and also better supporting existing ones, which will require a $1M increase in our annual budget. But Rome wasn't built in a day—so we intended to spread out our goal into reasonable milestones across the span of five years. By incrementally growing our budget each year through generous giving, we believe we can achieve this permanent million dollar increase by the fifth year.

To learn more about the ways we intend to use this $1M addition, read about the five guiding objectives of the Surge Initiative.

The Building Goal

The second financial shift is the addition of a one-time $6M fund to add space to our current building for our growing number of children and students. Through your pledges and faithful giving, we have already achieved over half of our goal. By continuing to partner with key contributors, by your constant generosity, and with God's continued blessing we believe we will achieve this goal by the end of 2018.

To learn more about the additions and improvements we'll be making to our facility with this $6M fund, visit the Building page.