Everyone can help: serve, pray, give.



Disciple-making is the core purpose of the SURGE Initiative, not a building, not a bigger budget, not a bigger congregation. We define disciple-making as partnering with the Holy Spirit for the spiritual growth of another. If you have a desire to disciple the next generation, consider volunteering your time to mentor and teach our children and students about the Gospel.


Each week it takes hundreds of volunteers from teaching to security, to leading worship, serving and simply being with our kids as they learn what it means to follow Jesus. We are always in need of volunteers and would love to have you.


There are roughly 550 middle school, high school, and college students who want to be involved in Life Groups every school year. This cannot happen without the leadership of those who are eager to disciple these students in the Gospel and live life with them.


Only through your generous and faithful giving can we ultimately reach our goal. Whether it's through a pledge, a single contribution, or even a recurring one, consider investing in the initiative.


We are dedicating ourselves to seek the Lord daily, prayerfully connecting our hearts to His heart for the SURGE Initiative. Collectively, we are asking for His Spirit to lead each of us toward a clear understanding of the offering and/or pledge we are called to make toward the construction portion of this initiative.

We encourage you to pray through the guide daily, trusting God to lead you faithfully; we believe prayer is our most effective means for increasing our heart’s capacity for generosity. The following prayers are designed to prepare your heart for this season of generosity.


“Father, I ask you to lead me closer to your heart. I want to discover more of your grace, more of your joy, more of your love. I want to give bountifully, cheerfully, and faithfully, not because of religious duty, but as a result of being more deeply rooted in the generosity of your heart. I want to excel in the grace of giving.”

Prayer 2:

“Father, I ask that you show me what ‘sowing bountifully’ would look like in my life. Specifically, I want to understand what part of my income and financial resources have been entrusted to me for the SURGE building projects. I am asking you to give me clarity and peace as I seek to give a joyous and generous offering.”

Prayer 3:

“Father, I thank you for being so gracious, so trustworthy, so generous. Thank you for taking my simple offerings and using them to reap eternal Kingdom results. And thank you, Father, for allowing me to partner with you and with my Fellowship family in making an eternal investment in the spiritual lives of the younger generations in our church, community, and world.